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Since her teenage years Sahrae has felt that her life has been on hold due to a car accident in which she lost her front teeth, she feels the missing teeth have affected her whole life, making her feel older than she is. On top of this Sahrae was left with a huge dental bill after she received some disappointing and ill-fitting dentures that left her feeling even worse.

The loss of teeth and the consequent loss of soft tissue left Sahrae’s mouth area without shape and no longer able to support the lips and cheek bones sufficiently enough. Compounding this issue further, her remaining teeth were worn severely causing her to bite to over close. All of this resulted in more wrinkles around her mouth and neck and affected the appearance of her visible lip line.

With the help from the experts at United Smile Centres, we were able to give Sahrae back her smile, help her look younger and feel attractive again.

United Smile Centres specialise in implant and cosmetic restorative dentistry. Having met several different dentists offering a range of procedures, Sahrae was convinced she would get the right treatment for her from the team approach offered there. The same protocols and techniques that have successfully treated thousands of North American patients with this same-day treatment are now being offered at USC London. 

"I can honestly say that having my smile back has changed my life for the better. I feel so much more confident and feel younger." - Sahrae