Our Implant Services

Single Tooth

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that acts like a tooth root to secure a tooth in the bone and present a strong foundation for whatever is then built on top of it. The implant is used to connect the crown, which replaces the part of the tooth you see in your mouth. The implant and the crown are connected by a part called the 'abutment'.

Implants offer a number of benefits over alternative solutions such as bridges including that they won't contribute to bone loss which can occur under a bridge, and have a longer lifetime. Traditionally the process of having dental implants fitted has taken in excess of three months. After initial surgery the process of osseo-integration is allowed to take place whereby the implant fuses with the bone in which it is placed. Then a second surgery is required to expose the implant and fit the permanent teeth.

However at United Smile Centres we offer a Same Day solution. Using the latest generation of dental implants with specially treated surfaces and improved thread designs, together with new proven and accepted techniques we can achieve much greater implant stability enabling us to fit dental implants and provide you with a tooth replacement to wear home on the same day. Healing is quicker too with less discomfort and a second surgery is not normally required.

Fixed Teeth in a Day

Fixed Teeth in a Day is an advanced implant technique that offers a superior solution to people whose teeth are failing and face the prospect of wearing dentures, as well as those who already wear loose or ill-fitting dentures.

Taking advantage of the dense bone in the front part of the jaw and placing implants at an angle to avoid the sinus cavities in the upper jaw and the nerve canal in the lower jaw, the technique eliminates the need for bone grafting and complex sinus lift surgery (subject to assessment). Thanks to advanced implant placement and the mechanical benefits of placing implants at an angle, the treatment provides greater stability than traditional approaches and so enables patients to receive a fully fixed arch of non-removable teeth on the upper or lower jaw, or indeed both, on the same day.

They look just great

You’ll be astonished at just how beautiful – and natural – your new smile will be. And by increasing the height from nose to chin, the surgery may also take years off your appearance… so get ready for the compliments.


No more embarrassment

Poor teeth or ill-fitting dentures can lead to shyness. If you have suffered in this way, your fantastic new dental implants will help you regain lost confidence.

They’re a healthy option too

Those with poor oral health or gum and tooth disease can often unknowingly be suffering from blood poisoning. The procedure helps stop further bone loss too. With your new fixed teeth, you won’t be so tempted to over salt your food either – a very common way to compensate for the loss of taste suffered with dentures.


For more information about our same day dental implant solutions and to arrange a free initial assessment to determine if this solution might work for you please call and speak to one of our experienced team of advisors.