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A selection of kind messages from happy patients

One of the great pleasures of our work is seeing our patients for their final post-surgery check up. We know from what they tell us that we have really made a major difference to their confidence, their health and their sense of wellbeing. Many tell us that the surgery has been life changing. 

Here are just a few testimonials from people whose lives have been transformed by United Smile Centres.


"I really felt that they wanted the best possible outcome for me.

At all times in the process I was treated with care and courtesy and really felt that they wanted the best possible outcome for me. I am delighted with the result and would highly recommend United Smile Centres to anyone who wants to smile again with confidence."

Lindsey, London

"My children tell me it's the best thing I have ever done!

Having just retired and gone through divorce I wanted to walk into the future looking the best I could. I would love to say to anyone who is hovering over the decision – 'just do it'. Every morning I wake up now and wonder what I will do that day rather than worrying about my teeth. That is worth a king’s ransom in my book. My children tell me it's the best thing I have ever done!"

Holly, London

"I went for the consultation on the Wednesday and on the Monday I had the work done.

I've had a fabulous experience with United Smile Centres - I really can't recommend them highly enough. From the nursing staff to the technicians and the dentists themselves, they were all great. You know you’re in the hands of a highly experienced team.

Until you've been in the position where as a reasonably attractive woman you're faced with the prospect of dentures, I don't think you'd understand how horribly that rocks your confidence and generally affects your whole mood. It’s a very depressing thing to confront at a relatively young age. Thanks to United Smile Centres I feel as if I've got my life back and I can now smile with confidence. I've even done some modelling since I've had my teeth done!"

Jo, London

"After the surgery, the support I received was excellent

The people at United Smile Centres are lovely and caring. They treat you like a family member. They’re so nice you almost forget that you’ve come for treatment!

After the surgery, the support I received was excellent. They discussed with my family members how to look after me and they called me for regular reviews.

My new teeth are excellent. When I go out I can talk freely without having to worry. With my new teeth I have tremendous confidence – I can talk, I can laugh – they really are very good!"

Tara, London

"The treatment was excellent and my new teeth feel very natural

I've had problems with my teeth all my life. One by one I had to have teeth out and I eventually ended up with dentures. I actually gave up looking for a solution… but then I discovered United Smile Centres. The fact I could have my very own set of teeth in a single day was a really important factor for me!

The treatment was excellent and my new teeth feel very natural. It really has been a life-changing experience. The best thing I've ever done!"

Suzanne, London