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Chapter 2

June 10, 2015

It is very hard to put into words the emotions that we felt leading up to the first appointment.  We were due to see a Dr. Adam Slade at United Smile Centres on Wimpole Street in London, and I was very apprehensive about the whole thing so god only knows what was going through Chris’s mind.  This was his last chance, if this surgeon was to say no to Chris, I knew it was me who would have to pick up the pieces.


The stress and tension ran high again between us, this meant so much to both of us, I wanted this so badly for Chris, I wanted him to be happy, I wanted him to feel confident about himself, so we could all be together as a family, go out together and do normal things again. To make matters worse Chris’s false teeth must have broken a thousand times that week!


We had planned our journey to London a few days before the appointment and arranged with my Mum & Dad to look after the boys. The journey felt as if it took forever, but once we arrived and parked the car we walked to Wimpole Street, where as we were early we went for a coffee, just down from the Clinic. We had only been sat down for a minute before Chris starting having a major panic attack, shaking and feeling sick worrying that the appointment would not go as hoped. I reassured him saying  “they have been sent your CT Scan and told your details, I don’t think they would have put you through this again if they thought they couldn’t do anything, so come on, lets get this over with”.


When we got to the Clinic the film crew was already there, they set Chris up and went out to do their interview recording. We were met by Viada, who was fabulous, so warm and welcoming, and in fact everyone that we met that day was.  We felt a little more at ease and quite excited.  Adam was running a little late, but it wasn’t long before he came bounding in to the waiting room. He shook our hands and we followed him into his room.


We were in there ages, he gave Chris a thorough facial, teeth and gum examination, which the other surgeon we saw didn’t bother with, he then started to tell Chris what he could do for him and that was implants!  I was in total awe of this man, I listened to his every word, he knew his stuff, he was good, it felt right, I began to see a tiny light at the end of the tunnel.  Chris and I looked at each other, I think it was a mixture of amazement, shock and did we hear the same thing.  Not one negative word was said, not once did he say, we can’t do this or that - it was all excitingly positive.  I wanted to jump up and hug him, Chris did, well, he didn’t exactly jump on him but he did hug him and broke Adam’s very expensive surgeon glasses in the process.  I couldn’t possibly tell you how many times Chris said thank you, thank you, thank you, I really want this he said.  We took a break whilst Adam went off to check over the CT Scan.  We were in the waiting room going through everything with the film crew, they were asking how Chris was feeling at that precise moment and what was going through his head. I just sat on the sofa with a stupid grin on my face.


Adam came back to us and explained that the format of the disk that the CT Scan had been done on wouldn’t open and that they would need to download a different software. It couldn’t be done that day, so we had to leave it with him. Chris would be contacted after the weekend. We went home in high spirits, for the first time in ages it felt like the sun was shining, we walked back to the car holding hands, smiling at each other feeling very relieved, its amazing how good news lifts your spirits.


The telephone call came on the following Wednesday, Adam had found some areas on the scan that he wasn’t sure about and wanted Chris to see an ear, nose & throat specialist before continuing. We thought ‘Oh my god, what now? What if the studio’s wont pay for the specialist?’ Our high spirits instantly deflated. A few days later we received details of the appointment in Wolverhampton a week later.


The day arrived finally arrived and the surgeon was lovely, going through the scan with us, showing us the areas of concern and telling us what he thought was the likely cause - sinusitis, caused by a build up of mucus in the sinuses.  He pressed over Chris’s face and looked down his throat, we explained that over the past 4 months we had constantly been very poorly with flu and bad colds and that they were still causing us problems. We left with him telling us that he would contact Adam the next day.


We heard nothing for a week or so and slipped back into our normal routine, just waiting for the next stage and some good news. 



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