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The Final Chapter



Today was the day - we met the boys from school and with bags packed we headed for London.  The traffic was horrendous, what should have taken just over 2 hours took us just over 4 and it was extremely stressful, especially when we got into central London.  We reached our destination just after 8pm with both of our blood pressures going through the roof.  I must admit though, the boys had been golden on the journey, only asking about 20 times “are we nearly there Mum”.


After checking into our hotel, the boys were soon asleep exhausted from their day, while Chris and I reflected on the rollercoaster of a journey that had got us to this point. Chris was very anxious about his surgery and the outcome but also excited, whilst I was nervous and frightened about the unknown, what would Chris look like? We must have fallen asleep eventually as the next thing we knew we were being woken up by our alarm.


7.30am - the day had finally arrived - in just an hour we would be at United Smile Centres and I would be leaving Chris in the hands of Dr.Slade and his A-Team. We hailed a taxi and took the short journey to Wimpole Street.


As usual our fabulous film Crew, led by Richard, were there to greet us, with everyone in high spirits Chris put on his microphone and went outside to be filmed being interviewed about his feelings of what was ahead.  Me and the boys waited in the waiting room, Vaida was there looking lovely and reassured us that everything was ready and Chris would be in good hands. The boys were made a fuss of by everyone, there was an air of excitement - it felt a little bit like Christmas.  The time had come for Chris to go, we said our goodbyes and we wished him good luck and away he went.  It would be another 7 hours until we saw him again.  I had to leave my anxious, frightened head at the clinic as I now had to look after the boys and entertain them for the day.  I took them for breakfast – McDonalds on Oxford Street was the chosen venue. We sat in the window watching London come alive eating our pancakes and bacon rolls, washing it all down with banana milk shakes and fresh orange juice.  They wanted to go shopping, Charlie wanted to go to Hamleys and so off we went. We stayed there for a couple of hours, visiting every floor, being entertained by all the staff, and spent an hour with Charlie trying to choose which teddy bear he wanted to buy.  We left Hamleys, next it was Slap Back Cap shopping (I know, I hadn’t a clue what that was either) back to Oxford Street to shop for Tyler’s cool dude cap.  We bought a few souvenirs to take home and decided we wanted to go back to the clinic to see if there was any news. 


I spoke with Vaida who told us everything was going well and Chris was fine, but it would be another 3 hours at least.  The boys didn’t want to go out again so we made ourselves at home in the waiting room. We chatted to all the patients that came in, played games and were visited by different members of staff who came to see that we were ok. Lindsey, the patient advice manager at United Smile Centres, stayed with us for quite a while, she’s lovely, they are all lovely, it felt like one big family.


Soon the boredom set in with Charlie, so it was time to go a find some lunch.  We walked down to Marylebone Road and bought lunch and took it back to the clinic to eat. The day was going incredibly slow, every time I looked at my watch it didn’t seem to be moving forwards, my stomach was churning and my heart was pounding I was finding it hard to concentrate.  Even though we knew Chris was only having his temporary teeth fitted I was concerned at how good they would be.  I was thinking about his own teeth being extracted and how painful that must be and if he would come out looking like the elephant man. I was very unsettled, Chris had been in there 6 hours now and I couldn’t wait any longer, as I stood up to make enquiries Richard the film guy came in. “It went very well” he said “Chris has done very well” as I took breath to speak I was told I could go in and see him. The walk to the surgery room felt like a blur, it felt like I was walking on moving floors, I approached the door and took a deep breath, as I entered the room there sat Chris in his sexy operation overalls with the most amazing smile I have ever seen him with, he was still drowsy from the sedative but he couldn’t stop smiling, he looked so happy, I was so happy for him, we hugged each other and I cried, it felt like we had just been told we had won the lottery, the relief was so great.  What happened after that didn’t really matter, this was the first day of my family’s new life and I couldn’t have been happier.  


It has taken a lot of very amazing people to get us to this point, and I know we shall be thanking them for eternity, I don’t think they will ever really know how much this has meant to Chris and his family, it has saved us. 


It is hard to believe what effect having no teeth has on anyone’s life let alone a family, we still have a very long way to go before Chris gets his perfect smile, it will all be completed by Christmas, he still has to go through surgery to have his bottom teeth removed and implants fitted, we believe that will be done at the same time as when his permanent teeth are fitted.  In the meantime, we know that Chris is in the very best of hands. 


Just remember, if you are thinking of having implants, and you need help with your smile, if you can find them (which isn’t hard) call Dr Adam Slade and his amazing A-Team they will not only change your smile, they will change your life too. 


Thank you to everyone at United Smile Centres, Wimpole Street, London and thank you to everyone at Transparent Television & Botched up Bodies. 


Thank You from Christopher, Samantha, Tyler & Charlie Durrant from the very bottom of our hearts. 


Chris's transformation will be broadcast on Channel 5's Botched Up Bodies on 28th July 2015. 

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